My 3 weeks of SoK!

Akshay Praveen Nair / January 29, 2020

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Week 1

My proposal for Season of KDE 2020 was accepted and I was so happy to work on this. So this project is all about the revamp of Umbrello website with a modern Jekyll theme KDE uses. I had already given a revamp for the Konversation website on December 2019 under the mentorship of Carl Schwan. Umbrello is basically a UML modeller which is a great application by KDE for UML. Umbrello would help communication ease between other developers and other businessmen. To be honest I wasn't a user of Umbrello as I never had a job to create a UML diagram. So the biggest challenge to me was getting used to the application.

This project aims in revamping the website of Umbrello with the latest Jekyll template KDE uses. A Redesigned homepage can help new developers and users to get a better knowledge of the application if the workflow with proper screenshots and GIFs are added to it. The news and the announcements can be shifted to a separate page as it makes it much more organized.

When the work period started I contacted my mentor and the irc channel of KDE web dev team(#kde-www) for extra ideas apart from the ones I gave in my proposal.

  • So as it was being ported to the Jekyll theme I had to port all the posts to Markdown from PHP.
  • Added more relavent items to the navigation bar.
  • Shifted the blogposts from homepage to a separate page called Blog.
  • Fixed the broken links in the website.

Week 2

I contacted the dev team and Carl regarding suggestions. Carl said the homepage wasn't attarctive as it didn't have any Screenshots. The homepage screenshot wasn't zoomed enough so it didn't look good. But I was occupied with some work of my University also. So I couldn't focus on the homepage for this week.

  • Ported the entire features table from PHP to Markdown.
  • The installation page was ported from PHP to Markdown.
  • Fixed the installation page and added the correct links for the same in the homepage.
  • Got some screenshots.

Week 3

This week I had much more time to focus on the Homepage. So I got some screenshots from Carl and started working on it. I also thought of adding some more content to the homepage about Umbrello stating a bit of the workflow.

  • Redesigned the entire homepage of the website.
  • Added a better screenshot alongside the title.
  • Added a new section stating the themes supported by Umbrello.

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