How lucky am I?

Akshay Praveen Nair / January 18, 2020

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Hey guys, been a while since I blogged. Was a bit busy with SoK contributions and university work. New year is not so easy on me :p Anyway, I have a very interesting story to tell you guys :)

Recently I went to a hair salon near my house in Kochi. There the barber was smiling at me as if he had known me from before. He was at his mid 20s, looked like he was from the north-east. While he was cutting my hair he asked about where and what I was studying. I was not in a mood for a conversation with him at that point of time, still I politely answered his questions. When he heard that I was doing my BTech in Computer Science and Engineering, he laughingly said, "Sir, aapke future toh bahut bright hai, hamare jaisa nahi hai." I felt sad hearing that and then I asked about his hometown and why he chose this job. He said that he had a 12th standard degree that he completed in Darjeeling. He was interested in working in banks as a clerk. His parents couldn't afford to send him to a college so they told him to find a job straight away. He then used to spend an hour daily, for almost like a year in a cyber cafe working as an assistant to the owner. There he learned the basics on how to use a computer system in his free time. He thought that if he could get the job in a local bank as a clerk, he would be able to support his family. So he applied for the job and got rejected because his typing speed for 15-20 wpm while what they were looking for was 25-30. He became very sad and he left his job at the cyber cafe. Till the age of 23 he did some small jobs near his hometown. One day he got a call from his brother (who was a barber at another salon) to come to Kochi as job opportunities as a hair dresser is very high. In between all this ruckus his parents got him married and the newly wed couple headed to Kochi, hoping for a new start. In the end, he learns how to cut hair from his brother and joined a salon. He is not happy with his job as it is far from Darjeeling and the salary is not so great as well. I tried convincing that barber is not the only profession in the world and that there are lots of other opportunities and he can still learn computer from online. I also told him that he can apply for Indian armed forces as he looked quite muscular. But the poor guy has given up following his dreams due to certain failures in life.

What I realized after hearing all this is that I am lucky to have got the opportunity to follow my dreams and I always will be thankful to my parents for their constant support. Not everyone gets a chance to follow their dreams and ambitions. And I am very thankful to god for blessing me with a great life.

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