My first KDE conference!

Akshay Praveen Nair / January 21, 2020

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So excited!

Finaly, I got a chance to attend the I was very excited to attend the conference as this was my first chance to interact with my fellow Indian contributors as well as some veterans. I was also looking forward to attend the workshops on Qt and QML. I will share my day by day experience over here :)

Day 1

I reached the venue a bit late as my flight was delayed. The talk I attended was of Kannan VM of Alpha Fork Technologies. He talked about the usage of Kubuntu in a press company called Janayugom. He talked about the pre press migration of Janayugom to Kubuntu. He also talked about the software used called Scribus. It was very interesting talk and we had a conversation later on as we both come from the same state.

The next talk was about OSS in Indian context. It was taken by the CEO of Libresoft, Wrishiraj Kaushik. He talked about how India is still dependant on propriety solutions. He talked about his software and how the entire state of Assam uses that.

The next talk was of Kunal Kushwaha. He gave a talk about introduction to Open source and programs related to that.

At the end it was a workshop on introduction to Qt by Bhushan Shah. This was my eye opener of the day as I learned how to make a basic Desktop application using Qt and Qmake.

Day 2

Was very excited for this day as there was a workshop that I was very much looking forward to.

The day started with Piyush Aggarwal talking about KDE connect also showing the large code base and explaining the where all he contributed. In this talk he explained the benefits of using KDE connect and how great the application was, as when connected we didn't need to always check the mobile phone for the notifications we receive.

Then came Shantanu Tushar of SoStronk a start up. He talked about basic QML applications. He stated how simple animations can be made in a QML application and how easy can the developers understand the code. It was very nice.

Next was the talk I was very much looking forward to. Arjen Hiemstra, a veteran to open source talked about how he worked with QtQuick to make a scene graph.

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