Revamping Konversation website!!

Akshay Praveen Nair / December 24, 2019

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Hi guys! So recently I thought of contributing to an organization called KDE. I kind of liked their web projects so I thought of helping the community with updating some outdated website of theirs. I got in touch with a guy called Carl Schwan in phabricator. Together we thought of revamping the site of Konversation (IRC application). Image of Konversation

He gave me developer access to his repository. My first job was to port all the posts from PHP to Markdown as Jekyll uses Markdown to render the posts. It was kind of tiring job. Then after that was done I asked Carl whether the site would look good if the homepage was containing all the news and announcements. So Carl discussed with Eike Hein (maintainer of Konversation) and gave me the heads up to make a homepage containing all the features of Konversation and port the rest of the news and announcements to a separate page called blog.

This is how the homepage of the website looks like now image of homepage

Now that the website is updated with the latest theme KDE uses, the website looks more attractive and can increase the users for Konversation application.


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