How to control backlight of ubuntu 18.04 for asus rog strix scar

Akshay Praveen Nair / August 31, 2020

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Basically I had this issue going on with my ubuntu where I can't control the keyboard backlight. People around my workspace was also getting annoyed seeing flashy lights from all over the keyboard. I searched a lot online for a solution, but sadly I couldn't find a working one. Today I luckily found one.

If this link doesn't work try this one.

After downloading and extracting it to the home folder run these

cd rogauracore-retool
autoreconf -i
sudo make install

Hope it works for you!!

To control

Usage: sudo rogauracore "COMMAND ARGUMENTS"

Supported commands and usage:

  1. single_static COLOR

  2. single_breathing COLOR1 COLOR2 SPEED

  3. single_pulsing COLOR SPEED

  4. single_colorcycle SPEED

  5. multi_static COLOR1 COLOR2 COLOR3 COLOR4

  6. multi_breathing COLOR1 COLOR2 COLOR3 COLOR4 SPEED

  7. rainbow SPEED

  8. brightness BRIGHTNESS

    red lime turquoise blue magenta hotPink
    orange green cyan indigo pink white
    yellow teal skyBlue violet deepPink black

COLOR argument(s) should be given as color names, or hex values like ff0000. SPEED argument should be given as slow, medium, or fast, or integers 1 - 3. BRIGHTNESS values should be given as off, low, medium, high, or integers 0 - 3.

if you want to turn off sudo rogauracore brigtness 0

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